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Navigating the Complexities of Sex, Chores, and Bills in New Relationships and Cohabitation with Contemporary Family Therapy

November 3, 2023


Discussion Prompt:

  • Sarah and Jake have recently moved in together. While they enjoyed an active sexual relationship before cohabitation, living together has brought up unexpected challenges.
  • Sarah feels pressured to be intimate more often since they share a bed every night, while Jake is struggling with the idea that intimacy might decrease now that they're always around each other.
  • As therapists, how can we help couples navigate the shift in sexual dynamics when they begin living together?

Guiding Questions:

  • How can therapists assist couples in setting realistic expectations about intimacy in cohabitation?
  • What techniques can we use to foster open communication about sexual needs and boundaries in a shared living environment?


Discussion Prompt:

  • Alex and Jordan have decided to share an apartment. Both come from different financial backgrounds – Alex has been taught to save and be frugal, while Jordan enjoys living in the moment and occasionally splurging.
  • They're now faced with decisions about splitting rent, groceries, and other bills. As financial disagreements begin, they realize their money habits reflect deeper values and upbringing.
  • How can we, as therapists, guide couples like Alex and Jordan through the minefield of financial cohabitation?

Guiding Questions:

  • What exercises can we introduce to couples to explore their financial histories and the emotions attached?
  • How can we help couples develop a shared financial vision while respecting individual values?


Discussion Prompt:

  • Chris and Lee have moved into their first shared apartment. Chris, used to living with roommates, is accustomed to a chore chart and structured cleaning days.
  • Lee, on the other hand, lived alone and cleaned whenever it felt necessary. Now, tensions rise as Chris finds Lee's approach too relaxed, and Lee feels stifled by Chris's structured style.
  • As they navigate this new territory, how can therapists help couples find a balance in managing household duties?

Guiding Questions:

  • How can therapists encourage couples to communicate their needs and preferences around chores without it leading to conflict?
  • What strategies or tools can we provide to couples to create a balanced household routine that respects both partners' comfort levels?

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